Conduit Leadership


Global Director of Impact Partnerships


Impact Partnerships are one of the most important elements of our work. Our Impact Partners recognise that long-lasting systemic change requires cooperation between the public, private, and non-profit sectors, and they come to us to facilitate the generation of new ideas and innovative solutions. The typical model is that we become a close and long-term partner, working with ESG colleagues inside an organisation to amplify and add to what they want to do. Current Impact Partners include brands ranging from Google to the FT, Julius Bär to the Crown Estate.
We plan and curate thoughtful events and content – whether that’s intimate high-level dinners and roundtables, full-day conference style events, or podcast series – on themes aligned with our Impact Partners’ priorities. Many choose to use the Club as a venue where creative conversations can be convened, or for small groups of donors to explore the opportunities to collaborate on a shared philanthropic focus. The unique nature of our places is that they encourage unexpected, serendipitous encounters, and bring a profoundly democratising energy to bear. This is a feature, not a bug: we’re emphatically not in the business of creating exclusive, self-referential echo-chambers.
Your task will be to develop and expand this successful programme. You’ll be responsible for identifying new strategic opportunities, engaging at the most senior level with current and potential Impact Partners, and overseeing the delivery of a world-class bespoke programme that amplifies and accelerates their social impact and sustainability goals. With an exceptional track-record of developing fruitful, long-lasting corporate partnerships that have made a real difference, you’ll bring an assured professional mastery of all the key skills – from competitor analysis to proactive outreach, drafting bespoke proposals to delivering incomparable events.
Candidates will have extensive previous in comparable roles, and an understanding of how organisations scope and select their social impact investment will be a significant asset. Equally at ease presenting in a Magic Circle boardroom or visiting a global development project, you’ll bring an incomparable network and the personal skills to build strong, creative and enduring relationships with a range of professional partners. You’ll be someone who can make unexpected, even unprecedented connections, and who’ll relish the opportunity to bring investors, donors and corporates together with people who can make things happen where it’s most needed.