Conduit Leadership


Global Director of Brand & Marketing


The last decade has produced a number of examples of great brands with a secondary social conscience – we can probably all name a dozen. The Conduit is exactly the opposite. Our insight is that we can have the greatest social and environmental impact if we have a highly desirable and globally-understood brand. Your role is to take us there.
Our brand is not merely conceptual: its power lies is in its ceaseless creative application, across all the pillars of our activity, to drive affiliation, collaboration and change. You’ll develop and implement a comprehensive global brand strategy that irresistibly communicates our proposition, and makes us the partner and venue of choice for people who want change to happen faster.
You’ll oversee advertising, content marketing, social media, PR and events, and will be responsible for the production of compelling marketing materials across all channels, particularly digital. We’re a learning organisation, so you’ll place evaluation and analysis front and centre, and will use data to constantly inform your decisions. Just as important will be your role as a ‘horizontal pillar’ across the organisation, providing outstanding and generous support to colleagues who are working on partnerships, programming, or membership initiatives.
We’re looking for an inspired one-off marketer, who’ll love our brand even more than we do. You must be a deft and flexible native of the multi-channel world we inhabit, as adept at generating member recruitment assets or event promotion plans as you are at drafting the digital engagement strategy that will take us to 10 million global subscribers. A sophisticated understanding of how to animate high-value global brands, and a practitioner’s eye for the serendipitous lead-generation opportunity, are essential.
You’ll have an instinctive understanding of brand partnerships, and the psychological processes underpinning affiliative and collaborative decisions. You’ll be asked to be both transactional and strategic, and will have an impressive repertoire in either of those contexts. Our window for impact is the next 5-7 years, so we don’t have time to take a leisurely approach. Experience of how to differentiate a rapidly-growing global brand will be essential. Clever, thoughtful and creative, you’ll know how to get us in front of the right people, what to say to them, and how to make the call to action a joy.